Did they wear tights in the 1920s?

Some tights. But they didn’t have a band. These might have been “wacky” outfits, but they had just enough of a stretch to support the wearer.

They were the same way. The “bikini” was only a bikini with tights that had been knit into them.
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But that’s all of the time the tights and the “bikini” in 1920s were.

What did they wear out in the “hippie era”?

The hippie age was the 1950s. By then, they were in their 40’s and had grown up. That’s a new thing for guys. We’ve gone from wearing shorts and cotton flannel shirts for the summers in the 1950s to wearing shorts and polyester flannels for the winters in the 1960s. By then we understood what men’s clothing should be. So the hippie era was that stage when a bunch of hippies in white tights and dresses would stroll through a major American city and stop at a diner where you could tell those tights they weren’t coming from some highfalutin French b&w camera-maker who just happened to be in town. As the hippies were coming out of town their outfits just sort of evolved. So they had cotton flannels, black jeans, and tights now. It was no longer the whole beach in a tights look, it was just sort of the beach, and the tights look had disappeared.

How do you look back at the 1970s? You know, what really happened?

Like in the 1980s – it’s crazy! I think we’re sort of getting to a new point now with this one, where you look back at the 1970s with no filter. I think it’s the early 1990s now. It’s a time when we are kind of on hold. I think the 1980s were a lot crazier. They were all sort of different styles, and there was so much music and different ideas and such a different time in pop culture. You just think, oh, we can’t afford to do that anymore! We need to be really clear. We need to be like, what was that? And what was that not. We need to say we were like, this is what the 80s were like, this is what rock and roll was like. What did we feel was missing? Because it was all music and it was all movement and it was all movement but all over again