Did they wear tights in the 1920s? – Plus Size Flapper Dresses Cheap

What do they have for dinner now that they are 50 and retired? When did they lose their virginity?

They might very well have been given free reign to roam the streets in the 1920s, but how could they have gone about doing it if they were all too busy in the bedroom?

Well, this is not a conspiracy theory, either.

The idea to use tights in the 1920s stemmed from a popular 1920s advertising campaign of the day in which male models wore brightly colored leotards and spandex thongs to promote the “tart” and “jelly” of the mid-Victorian male.


Tights, however, were a British invention and were not invented in the U.S. until the 1930s.

The 1920s were certainly not the era where fashion was all about tights and spandex, but the ad campaign did have some useful information for our intrepid explorers.

The images in the ad were of the “Tart” brand of tights and jellies in their original pink color in its first color, as well as one color, which was red, in its latest color.

In the ads, women dressed as “bouncy-headed men,” such as the one shown, wore tights like tights (and perhaps leotards) and the ad copy went into great detail about their individual tights and leotard styles.

What’s interesting to note is that the most prominent ad was from the 1930s, called “The Beauty of the Tights” and it had the headline “The Perfect Fit Makes Your Man!”

The first few words of the article were fairly descriptive but as the article progressed there were a lot of details that weren’t quite as descriptive as the ad copy.

Most of the details were either taken directly from the original 1930’s advert or were from magazines by the same artist whose work was used as models in the ads.

The article also made a point of mentioning that there were many ways to alter a particular man’s waistline during the mid-Victorian age, including the “leotard, which is essentially a leotard with a narrow crotch, and a large or very wide skirt.”

There were also different styles of shorts available, including ones with or without elastic, which made the man look shorter than usual and also made them “more comfortable when wearing shorts.”

Although the article never says

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