Did they wear tights in the 1920s? – Flapper Dress Pattern Mccalls 89419

No, they weren’t even that hot!

3. How hard is it to grow up in a Victorian household? How’s this for a quick analogy or two? The modern woman needs daily “advice” from a grown male. If a baby is in the house, she’s got his or her back, and he/she is a giant. If a girl is home, they have to learn fast that no one likes a girl who is in the house — especially if it’s their father. In an ideal world, men would love to have their way with their daughters, but a good half of them would never consider it. I mean, just ask any mom!

4. How hard is it to live in a world full of men? In a great many cases, this is not even true: Modern women are generally free to do as they please for the most part in their homes. I’m pretty sure that most couples who choose to have a lot of children in a short period of time never realize they’ve chosen that lifestyle because of the fact that they’re not attracted to it.

5. How good is it to be a woman who wears tights? The tights are a source of stress. Why wouldn’t men in their mid-30s want to take care of a woman in an outfit that doesn’t make her sweat? And if women don’t care that their tights are showing? The man has to learn to adjust to the idea of a woman being out of the house and not going through work with a bunch of extra-large tights on her legs.

6. How good is it to be a man? Men, at some point, start thinking their woman’s tights show just because he’s the center of attention. Now that you’ve heard that a woman can’t have her own life the way she wants to, now you might be wondering what a man is. To a man, being in the public eye is like being the center of attention all the time. The thought of not being out there enough makes him nervous about making a mistake. He has to be there all the time to keep the woman he loves happy, all the time.
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7. How bad is it to be a man? Again, you’ll hear that there are plenty of ladies who would rather not have to live like this. They say to themselves, if I can’t stand wearing tights all the time, then so be it! It’s not all bad though because

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