Did flappers wear tights? – 1920S Flapper Dresses

The women’s fashions of the 19th century were very different from the ones of today – tights of the right length were very useful, short ones were very bad, and those long ones of the 18th century were downright ridiculous.

You see, short skirts weren’t considered an unusual choice, especially by women. If a girl was going to spend the winter wearing just a short dress with a short hemline, he had no point if she was supposed to look like an artist!

Long skirts were worn everywhere – in the gardens, fields, markets, fields of flowers, in the homes – wherever a little girl could conceivably wear them. If she couldn’t afford it, she would wear them until her skin wrinkled like a dried-up cow’s milk. Even the ladies’ hats were skirts!

This was especially the case in Italy where fashionable fashions lasted for decades. So, while the early flappers went around in bright dresses, the women of the 18th and 19th centuries who came from the middle classes and the upper middle class were wearing skirts of the right length, or short lengths, for just one day in the year, or just one day when they wanted to look fancy, or just just a day when the weather was good.

It is true that some things change, and some things stay the same, as they grow old. For instance, the skirt will soon start looking like a pair of worn pants, and the long skirt of the 19th century will look like a single long sash, and the new styles of dress will look like pajamas, or like you had to strip and make into a tuck shirt.

However, this is just the way it is. The things that stay the same will be those things that a girl had to spend money to get, like a pair of trousers. The things that stay the same will be those things that everyone wears, but few girls do. A skirt is a piece of clothing – it is for a girl to wear, and then go about her day, like any piece of clothing.

So ladies, don’t be intimidated by this, but remember that the difference in this is the only difference in dresses from 19th century to today. In other words, if you’re the person who dresses like one of the girls of the 19th century and you were in the market for a new pair of trousers you were likely to find what you’re looking for.

So, ladies

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