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A: They do — they wear long gloves, but I think long gloves would be more appropriate. It’s not very sexy.

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Q: Did women wear shorts and dresses?

A: When most people see skirts, they say, ‘They’re only for mothers.’ But women were wearing very short skirts and dresses. They were always doing yoga when it was hot, so they knew they needed to cover up.

Q: What was the reason women were sometimes called ‘girls’?


A: We used to have long dresses that could be worn as little dresses. Some women even went to school and said, ‘I don’t need to wear skirts.’

“They were wearing very short skirts and dresses”

Q: Why weren’t they called “girls” back then?

A: It was in the ’20s and ’30s. The French used to call them “heureux,” or “little girls.” They thought those little girls weren’t going to get very far. The other thing about “heureux” is that women didn’t wear little dresses to school. They didn’t wear dresses. They used to wear pants that could be worn as little dresses and shorts.

Q : Can you remember any of the women who are referred to in the book?

A: One was a big lady with a huge heart. She had six children. She said “Girls, we are going to have a new day to walk down the street.” We call it “She’s a Girl” Day. It came about because so many people are coming for the first time to the park.

“I don’t know what they’d do in there”

Q: What kind of shoes were women wearing?

A: They wore flip-flops, but they probably don’t wear flip-flops now.

Q: Did any women wear dresses and heels?

A: Yes, but they didn’t wear heels. Now, the women do all their shopping in flats and heels. Women would wear the skirts. They were still going around wearing pants and skirts, and that was acceptable before. Women used to do their shopping during the day. Some would go up to a department store or a shoe store and buy shoes for the city.

Hollywood and the “Girls”

One of the things the book tries to show is Hollywood culture and movie stars and their roles.


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