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There are many different questions asked about the history of flapping gloves. The first thing that one does when they meet a flapper is to ask questions about the clothing that these ladies of the 19th century wore. For many of the women in the US, this included long red and white gloves (called handkerchiefs).

These gloves were originally made to protect the hands while playing, such as baseball or cricket. In later styles, the gloves also served as a part of a woman’s costume, so that they could look more like a woman. The flapping handkerchiefs were not just a costume; they were a part of the woman’s daily clothes, and many women wore these handkerchiefs throughout their lives.

Was it true that women would throw their handkerchiefs in the trash to keep mosquitoes at bay?

Yes, women threw the handkerchiefs in the trash to keep mosquitoes at bay. If you look at the handkerchiefs in their original style (the type we are not currently possessing), you will notice that there are two types of holes made in these handkerchiefs. One type is used for carrying small items (such as your umbrella, pencil, and even a toothbrush), and the other type is used for throwing up to two teaspoons of powder in.

In most parts of the country, handkerchiefs were considered a luxury, as they were much harder to clean than soap and water. During the time of slavery, even girls would not throw away the handkerchief, just as they did not drop the trash on the ground to kill mosquitoes. This was important because if you had been left in a room with a mosquito, you could very easily die as you had no chance before handkerchiefs became the primary way to catch mosquitoes.

Where did women learn to flutter their gloves during the Civil War? Where was the term “flaming gloves”?

We have no information. Did flapping gloves become popular as a fashion statement in the middle of the 20th century? The only flapping gloves available to the average woman in the era that you are speaking about are the silk flapping gloves (also called the flapping gloves) which were worn like a jacket. Most women of this time were employed in various jobs and wore the clothes that were appropriate with the job for which they worked.

Is it true that women were never allowed to open their mouth without a man’s permission?
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