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Does it mean there’s no one going to buy it and it’s going to be distributed by the big-gluing studios?

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Yeah, that makes perfect sense. If somebody is trying to do this independent, it’s their right. You will see them on the indie circuit quite frequently from other indie guys, like, “Hello, we are a new indie band. We’re from New York. We play this cool, cool live show and we’re a part of the New York music scene.” That’s fine. And then there is the other side of things, “Hey, you guys, this is the new indie thing. The indie thing is on.”

The New Yorker has been very skeptical about this — did you have to do a lot of that persuasion in order for people not to think this was not a viable business opportunity for you personally?

Not really. But you do have to work on it. You have to work on it. You can’t just go around saying, “Hey, let me get the word out and let other people know we want to be an indie band,” because nobody thinks that is a viable business strategy. You have to work on it. And you have to sell tickets and get the word out.

It’s almost become a game of poker. That was me when I was just starting. I had a couple of shows and I didn’t have a label. That wasn’t the case when I started a bunch of years ago, but I have to play that game and there’s a lot of times where I don’t play it right and you will see me get hammered for that and when you play that game you’re going to get hammered for it.

In this photo taken on Feb. 8, 2017, two men work at a small electric power plant near Ussuri, Syria. (Omar Sanadiki / AP)

In a country with more than 4.6 million people living without running water, a water-distribution system that supplies water-stressed areas with water is essential. But a Syrian electricity company has recently suspended production and sold supplies of water to residents who were already receiving the equivalent of a month’s supply of water, the head of Syria’s Electricity Authority says.

According to a statement released by the Electricity Authority, the suspended production began on March 28. Residents who received water previously have been waiting since last week for a shipment of fuel to recharge their water wells, which are in serious need of repairs.

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