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Why does the audience pay attention to her?

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The answer lies in the fact that each character must have a distinct personality, because she is the character’s boss. The hero and secondary heroes are each driven by their own characters. As each primary character’s role in the story has been filled in a different way – either by the main character – or by an additional minor character in the story (the ‘stray’ – the hero’s rival – for instance) – it becomes more and more apparent that each character has to be unique to carry the story forward.

And this is where we must start asking many questions of our reader – what is your character’s personality? What has she become? What do your character and the reader agree on? Where does she come from? Where is she going? What are her goals? Are you telling stories for your characters? Where they come from, what does she want and how? We need to ask this of our storyteller too. And as each character becomes more and more important to the story, we expect that they will also change their character’s personality – for the greater good, and for the greater purpose of advancing the storyline.

The character’s goals also represent the character’s purpose in the story. What are the characters trying to achieve with their characters? What are things they’re fighting for and why are they fighting for them? What are their friends? Where is they hiding? What are their goals for the story?

Finally, we must ask ourselves, why? What is the main problem each character is facing? What drives their actions? And are there any consequences to their actions?

These questions are also what help character development and evolution. When we understand our characters, these questions provide the starting point of development which enables the character to live a fully developed life – one that provides opportunities which may help him or her achieve his or her dreams. These questions help us understand the role which each character plays and can also help drive the story forward. To help character development, I use the acronym REFERENCE – to refer to the characters or elements whose role is to define and serve, in other words, define the rest of the characters or their roles. A character’s reference is an important element in the development of a story because it helps provide our main characters with all the necessary information to lead them to achieve their full potential. It shows them the character who has the best personality for them to play on any given day.

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