Who gets paid the most in a movie?

While it is hard to say, a lot of the time it is that the same actors/crew members/whatever who are responsible for the story that was made. So why pay any of these people at all? You have to believe that the film has to be as good as the story.

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The D’Vyrne is a Daedric artifact of some importance to the Daedric Prince Hircine.

It was once a Dwemer artifact recovered during the First Era, but the Dwemer’s influence over the artifact began to wane in the latter years of the First Era. It was never fully released by the Dwemer.

While many Dwemer constructs came to be attributed to Hircine’s powers, it was said to be a gift of the Dwemer to Hircine.[1][2]

According to legend the D’Vyrne was a tool used to manipulate the forces of the universe. It contains the energies of the gods and the goddesses; and can be used to open gates to distant realms. When it was destroyed by Daedric magic in a battle at Red Mountain, the D’Vyrne was broken into its component parts which were spread among the Daedric Princes.[3][4]

History [ edit ]

The artifact was once a Dwemer creation built by the Dwemer, but it was never used in actual combat. It was later lost during an assault on Red Mountain by the Dremora[1] and was never recovered by the Dwemer.

The device was found by Hircine at Red Mountain, during the First Era, and was never fully released.[1][3] Daedric magics that the device contained were used to open the gates to a series of lesser Realms throughout the Merethic Era.[1] The D’Vyrne was broken apart into its component parts[2] which were spread among the Daedric Princes, and was found by the Nerevarine in 3E 417.[5]

In 2E 582, a Nerevarine group entered