Who gets paid the most in a movie? – 101 Iphone Tips

In Hollywood, the answer is never really clear. While there are some interesting exceptions, a few stars are almost guaranteed to get paid at least half of what the big guns like Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Keaton or Tom Cruise get, which makes sense given the sheer scale of the industry. The real question, though, is how the studios use that money. In the case of Captain America: Civil War, you can probably assume that Chris Evans is the top earner of the year, followed by Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Emily VanCamp. (It would be interesting to see just how much Daniel Bruhl and Jeff Bridges paid to appear in the film, though.)

Of course, there are no guarantees in this industry with the biggest movies. But it’s still interesting to see the different paths that stars take. If you’re curious, you can read “What’s it Cost to Make $10 Million in Hollywood?” for all the numbers and other statistics I could find.

AUSTIN — The Texas House has approved a bill requiring transgender people to use government-issued, single-use restrooms and shower rooms that correspond to their biological sex at birth unless their gender identity permits them to do otherwise.

The bill, as written, would require students, employees and visitors who seek to use a public restroom that does not match the sex on their birth certificate to identify themselves as a man or woman to be allowed entry.

House Bill 6, also known as “the bathroom bill,” is on its way to the desk of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who has voiced strong support for the legislation, but not before the legislation has garnered national attention with its potential to be challenged and overturned by the courts.

“The Legislature should act immediately to provide for the protection of transgender Texans from harassment, bullying, discrimination, violence, and other harms in all aspects of their lives,” Abbott said in a statement Wednesday. “These laws are not needed to further society’s progressive, inclusive ideals. Instead, these laws harm our families and communities.”

Lawmakers on Wednesday voted 31-10 along party lines to approve House Bill 6, which had been offered by two conservatives from Austin and one Democratic lawmaker from Dallas.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is expected to bring the bill before the Senate for a vote there in the near future. The bill must then be forwarded for Senate approval before it moves to the desk of House Speaker Joe Straus, also of Austin, and Gov.

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