Who gets paid more actors or directors?

The fact that the films are being released on a larger scale can also mean more money being made for big name directors.

In a way, these two factors are more intertwined. More theaters have the luxury to release films in a more staggered fashion. This means that audiences in multiple cities can see the films. It means there is more money in the system. It also means that some big name directors get more opportunities to make big bucks.

These factors all combine to create something unique. And it seems that, for now, this is the current way of doing things in Hollywood. As this infographic by Movoto shows, the average studio has around 16 employees. For a lot of the more popular big budget movies, that number is around 15 or 20. For most feature films, that number is closer to 1 or 2.

But how does this affect the jobs of directors?

If the industry shifts to a bigger distribution scale, and more theaters are able to release films simultaneously, that could change. And the studios may be forced to replace some of their top directors. But then again, a larger distribution will also mean more money and more access for filmmakers.

So are new distributors ready to take on these jobs?

The next four years could be a fascinating time for the movie industry. While traditional distributors, such as Warner Bros., are moving towards digital distribution, and streaming services like Netflix have been catching up to traditional retail models, it doesn’t mean there isn’t competition in the marketplace.

Netflix has already been accused of giving exclusive access to their films to studios. In the past, they have denied that, but a report from Deadline published last month claimed that, when it comes to distributing films, “Netflix will give the most exclusive deals to the biggest companies involved.” (Via The Playlist)

But is Netflix ready to jump into the film distribution arena? Is it possible that the company will give studios a similar type of deal?

There are some people who are very interested in Netflix coming into the market and the same is true for Amazon. For now, it remains to be seen if these rumors will come true.

Still, the time is clearly right for Hollywood to diversify their operations and find new ways of paying its directors. The bigger the distribution, and the more cinemas there are to be located around the world, the more opportunities there are to make more money.

And if you look back to 2006, it should be clear that there