What skills do you need to be a director? – Digital Certificate Definition Wikipedia

1. A vision for your filmmaking process and how you want to move it forward.

2. A plan for achieving this vision.

3. A list of obstacles that must be overcome and challenges that must be resolved.

4. A list of problems that need to be solved.

5. A list of steps that must be taken to resolve these problems.

6. A list of tasks for accomplishing these tasks.

7. A list of techniques and procedures that need to be used to accomplish your tasks.


The director must be able to be involved in the process of every aspect of the process from writing, to pre-production and post-production, to distribution and licensing. She must be able to do these things during working hours, while maintaining a low-key, unshakably professional personality. The director should:

1. Speak her mind without censorship.

2. Do what all directors do: get things done and leave everything to the actors.

3. Be open to suggestions and critiques.

4. Keep a schedule and be flexible.

5. Be creative and innovative.

6. Be self-driven. This means that the director should be able to keep her own process going, which will allow her to take the lead and push things forward rather than be kept in the background, doing the talking.

8. Be available and willing to spend time with co-producers and other creative folks.

9. Understand and respect the creative process.

What do you think of the criteria? And are there other criteria you feel are important? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do the math in a future post.

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The charges were laid early Thursday against 54-year-old Sharon L. Loy, and she faces nine counts of sexual assault.

The Ottawa police sexual assault unit had a warrant out for her arrest shortly after midnight on Thursday.

According to a criminal complaint, Loy was working as a nurse for the Ottawa Health Network when police executed a search warrant in the city’s Hays ward early Wednesday morning.

Police found a prescription bottle filled with a drug called Zolpidem, according to a news release from the Ottawa police sexual assault unit

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