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Is the subject matter so intriguing that it can captivate the audience in an entirely different way than a book about a woman who was murdered? We live in a time where entertainment isn’t just about entertaining. It’s about inspiring. The success of this film has not been due to the execution or the plot because those things have not been done well, but through the passion of those who believe in the message of how to raise a child on his or her own terms. The power has come from the belief shared by all parents who have children, however far away, that raising a child is not a privilege but it is an responsibility for that child and in many cases, a privilege in making his or her own way. We are told so time and time again that we have something to learn from life and no one should ever be taught that it’s an easy road or that it’s just the way things are. This film is one of the most powerful messages to ever travel the earth for parents because of how it has captured the hearts and minds of viewers who are in the midst of raising their children for the first time.

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The American Red Cross said it will raise funds for victims of Hurricane Irma and other “urgent relief.”

The organization said in a statement Monday that it has raised just under $2 million to help people impacted by the Hurricane.

“Red Cross efforts to raise funds for victims and evacuees in Florida will continue for as long as it is necessary until Hurricane Irma passes,” the charity said. “We will continue to ask our members and supporters to give wherever and however possible.”

It’s a story of the biggest disaster in California history. From a massive storm surge and its deadly aftermath to a tragic fire that scorched more than 40,000 acres and left thousands more homeless — here’s how something big happened in the state’s capital, and how an ordinary citizen helped keep the city from falling into chaos.

After Hurricane Sandy unleashed its fury on southeastern Long Island six years ago, people in the city of Port Jefferson were left without power. At night, residents took shelter under their mattresses in the basement of an empty building.

The next day, the power went out. For days, Port Jefferson

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