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In his book, The Creative Journey, filmmaker Adam Schafer lists the following characteristics, along with the five categories of the freelance business: Business Development, Production, Film, Management (film, TV, and/or commercial), Marketing, & Sales.

The biggest obstacle to getting more film people into the business is the difficulty in getting them to see the value they are adding through their film ideas.

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The good news is that there are some proven ways that filmmakers can make connections to producers so the idea is more likely to get developed.

Let’s first start with the production side, since producers are usually the ones taking the idea of a film that would otherwise never see the light of day to the people working for them. As mentioned above, producing a film and distributing it on home video, the online and print magazines, and the major films and television are all a part of that producer’s job. They are also the ones who are responsible for the advertising and other distribution resources needed once a film gets released for public consumption.

For filmmakers, marketing a new film isn’t nearly as difficult, in part because a filmmaker would have the time and resources needed to write and put together flyers to go with it as well as produce promotional merchandise for it.

As for distribution, the most difficult portion is actually making the film and getting it to the right places. It is much easier to try and get it into film festivals and on television, but that takes time.

So with that said, I will be highlighting two websites that have a good track (or maybe not so good track) of producing film ideas for film companies. There is also one website that I would recommend to anyone looking to have their idea accepted or rejected into development. I have been doing these blog posts for almost a decade, and I have written most of them before that (not to mention the ones I do each week), so I know what I am doing.

Filmmaker Business Academy

Filmmaker Business Academy

What I love about Filmmaker Business Academy is that they are run by two filmmakers who are both experienced. They provide a platform on which filmmakers can come in and learn from others while providing a lot of value themselves. This is a good thing because filmmakers are not only more likely to feel comfortable going in knowing what they may have to do to get a film project to its goal of producing some sort of a product, that also allows them to have a voice in the process since they can help direct

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