What is a freelance filmmaker? – Cinematic Lighting Techniques Part 1

A freelancer is a person who uses their own talents or experiences to make a living from their creative efforts. Freelance means your work comes from somewhere else. This doesn’t simply mean a work is done for free. It means you do it as part of a deal with an employer or client.

There may also be circumstances where someone is paid to do your work – but that is usually for a specific project. As you get more experience, your work will be more valuable. You will have more control over its completion – and can work on more challenging projects on your own.

In the end, the freelance industry is a wonderful thing to join if you think you enjoy working with others.

What are the requirements?

To become a freelance filmmaker, you will have to:

be able to work without paying income tax while living apart of the UK.

have a net worth over $1million.

have worked for some time in any area that may be an industry you’re interested in.

have a business model to prove your business skills.

be able to deliver work from your spare time to anywhere in the world, at a reasonable price.

be able to produce the videos you produce for clients (in time and on budget) while being able to afford a living.

be able to negotiate fair and competitive rates with your client.

You will need to apply for this visa either directly through the UK Visas and Immigration (Visa) Team or through the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) through Interpol.

What if I’m a freelancer?

You can be a freelance filmmaker as long as:

you’re making the video yourself (as opposed to working with someone else who offers you the job) (read our guide on how to become a self-employed freelancer if you’re interested in becoming one of us!)

you’re able to make all your own business models work.

You may need to have a few years in the industry to be able to compete with other freelance photographers. Some people have to work very specific parts of a project to be recognised as a professional. Also, there need to be some professional skills on show as part of the work.
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What about a teacher?

A Teacher is a person who is teaching to both adults and children. They may also need a licence.

We’re not sure about working as a freelance teacher. If you

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