What is a film maker called?

A filmmaker is a person with a creative mind. This means that filmmakers don’t only make films but also create the environment for them to exist in. These are the things that make them so special when making a film. They have the ability to come up with things no one has thought or planned to make. Most people don’t have the time that many filmmakers have at their disposal to create these things and that is why they have to find creative ways to create those things.

So how do movie makers come up with ideas? First of all what can we say is that most filmmakers come up with ideas by asking themselves what could happen? What would it be like in real life? What could happen if someone did that? That’s how they come up with the ideas and that’s how they make the movies that they produce. These kind of questions are what the film makers create. The rest is up to the viewers. If the people in the audience were to choose the filmmakers they would say that those creators are the ones that are trying to show off what there’s truly to see.

Q: You’ve said that cinema is a creative and artistic medium that could change the world for the better in these days. What does that mean?

A: For one it means that filmmakers are being watched and encouraged to do their ideas differently. When you think that it’s possible to create a better world that might benefit everyone, you will be inspired. If you just think of this for one person it’s impossible that everyone would think this way. But when you think of how these ideas might work with everybody in the world, that just starts to make sense and it’s only fair so that everyone feels it. Movies were made to make people happy and also entertain people.

Q: What do you think this trend of people watching films in theaters will achieve?

A: I’m not too sure. I’m not sure if my film ‘Vivace’ will ever be a success. I was always excited about making films because as a filmmaker it is a very special thing. But when I started seeing the way the industry has changed the way it works, I don’t know why I still like making films. I’ll stop making films in short-term periods and see if I can make something else. I’m a bit burnt out so I’m going to see what else is out there. I’m really interested to see what the movie business can do for the people. People can make films for profit that are going