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A film maker or a person on the list of those arrested on May 4? That’s what people have been debating for weeks.

I am not here to debate that, if the allegations are true. But I am here to discuss the allegations and the actions of the officers during this arrest.

At 7:40pm, an officer who was sitting at a stop sign on the right side of our intersection saw two vehicles drive past this intersection and stop. He asked us to step out of our cars and he grabbed both of us from behind a vehicle. He took me down and put me on the ground. He put both hands on my upper arm and asked me, “What you doing with that gun right now?” I said “I’m just shooting at two black hoodies who are going by me.” At that point, he pulled my gun and opened it. The officer asked me what I was shooting at and I was able to say, “a black man who looks like me.” He then told me that we were under arrest for disorderly conduct. I told him I had nothing to do with him coming up to me as part of my routine stop and asked him if he knew who I was. He told me that I had been arrested, he had a warrant against me and that he was going to take me back to the station. At 10:20pm, they took us into the station. I told them that while I am innocent, that they were arresting me based on a “misunderstanding” which they then repeated. In this way, I was never charged. At 10:40pm we were taken to the station and the person in charge said there was a lot going on, and that a lot of people were in the back because of a drug deal. This was shortly before 10:45pm.

Later he was asked if he had seen any arrests like these before and he responded that he had not. During this time someone on the inside had complained that one of the officers was being extremely aggressive towards our driver as the driver was walking to the officers. Apparently, our driver had been walking very slowly, and was trying to avoid arrest, as he was on the bike path in front of the station. He had been told multiple times by two officers to back up at one point. The second officer then made a grab and said, “You don’t have a gun on your hip” and he put his hand on the driver’s lapel and said, “You don’t have a gun

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