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A film maker is a person with a particular skillset in filmmaking who is paid to create and edit films.

But why is it called a film, so?

In the days of the early silent film era, the word “film” was sometimes used just for the purpose of indicating the nature of the film. The word, however, didn’t get stuck in a single, obvious, definition, so “film” was often used for a variety of purposes, or used to name a single film.

The phrase became popularized in 1931’s The Lady from Shanghai, in which a Chinese official, Mei Ling, is referred to as a film maker. Her line—”He is a film maker!”—became part of the movie’s dialogue.

What is the origin of the term “film maker”?

According to the Encyclopedia of Film, “The origin of the phrase is uncertain, but some accounts attribute it to the early cinema of the 19th century in England, during which time the language of filmmaking would have been much more refined.” According to Encyclopedia of Film, “The phrase ‘film man’ does not appear in print until the 1920s, in The Times newspaper’s satirical piece on the ‘new wave of documentary film.'” According to Encyclopedia of Film, “The movie title ‘The Lady From Shanghai’ itself does not appear in print until the 1920s; other titles are: ‘The Woman’ (1884); ‘The Queen Is Dead’ (1885); ‘The Man from Shanghai’ (1890); ‘China’s Most Wanted Dead’ (1911), among others.”

What has been the impact of film maker in popular culture?

Film maker’s influence can be widely felt in film-related pop culture media, including:

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In addition, film makers have a powerful effect on their film’s culture through their words, as shown by their continued involvement in the film industry through the decades. These words, as they’ve shown in numerous television shows and films, also influence the lives of the film makers.

Here are the ten most influential film makers of all-time (in no particular order).

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