What is a film maker called?

Where did all this money for their film come from? And can it really happen in Los Angeles, for a big budget film like this?? If this is a true story, it means the money was not “stolen” or the movie was not “paid for incorrectly”. Someone who is running a scam wants the “credentials” of a filmmaker by exploiting a film with a real story and fake details. Here are the two links on this: http://www.filmfestival-la.com/news/filmmakers-arrested-for-fraudulency?page

http://www.copslider.com/article.php?id=71636 http://www.copslider.com/article.php?id=71716

If we are not going to give the scam authors more publicity on here, we really need to educate them. That is, if we are going to protect filmmakers and help them get their films off the ground. This is one of the biggest scams going on in this country today…the film-craze — but why are there so few filmmakers? The answer may surprise you. It may be the “culture” in the film industry.

How could I not take an issue of this nature? It is my personal, personal concern with many other filmmakers. One of my biggest fears is being victimized. I know first-hand that the current industry culture encourages, even promotes and even promotes people who commit fraud. I have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To the scam authors — you take a real story, write a story that is believable or interesting, and put that story into a well-crafted film for people to watch or read the next day. It is not just about taking money. Many of my friends, family, colleagues and family and friends have lost real money. Don’t use this to make money. Don’t use it to get people to watch or write for you. Use it to make a genuine film or even an adaptation of real stories and put that film into the hands of people who actually need to see it.

And one final note: the movie industry has always been a very “hustle and bustle” culture. Yes it has grown over time, but there is always a sense of the hustle and bustle, especially when you start a new business. I would like to see all of us realize that the film industry itself is not about greed, it