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Well it could be anything from the start of development, writing for a film and shooting it to post production (post production usually means editing & music). This is pretty much one of the hardest stages to get into the studio, so if you haven’t managed to get there yet, here are some tips that you can use to start getting the hang of it.

1. Don’t be a bitch.

You have to remember this is not a job interview or a hiring board, that’s not what an audition is for. You’ve had all of those opportunities and all of them have been really good. Some are better than others, but the process is the same and you can still make your mark. Try to keep things as professional as possible for this interview. You want this job to feel like a dream come true, so if you come off as a little bossy/bossy, then you can be sure people will think you’re not a fun fit. Even the funniest, most interesting person you have ever met will probably say something like “Can you tell me more about this one?”

2. What would you do with your life?
SEISMIC DISCUSSION: Discussion- Seismic Data Processing

When I was about six, my mom bought me a movie called An Officer and a Gentleman. For a bunch of reasons, I hated that film. It was one of those movies that went into a lot of different themes but still had to be an action movie. That one scared the crap out of me so I didn’t watch it until much later. That’s the point I’m making. You can still talk about other films, but that doesn’t mean that you automatically belong in a particular genre or that you have to stick with it. For me, An Officer and a Gentleman was a good fit for me because not only was it a good movie, it was a good fit for me. And that can be achieved by anyone.

3. What would you do with your life if you won?

If you did win the job (which is probably not going to happen, I was looking at you), what would you do afterwards? For me, after winning I would start looking at what I could do creatively, including taking on some freelance projects. I’d also start planning on the other side of the world, starting a family, getting a pet. But you know what? That’s all an audition is for, and I won’t be there very long. So I will have my family while I’m still here. Then what? After

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