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The 24 crafts were formed in the process of building the world’s largest archive of Hollywood history and culture, the Library of the Century. Today, the Library contains a full array of over 8,000 artifacts: films, music, books, photographs, scripts, photographs, sound recordings and archival materials relating to the history of the Motion Picture Industry. The Library of the Century is home to the World’s Largest Archive of Hollywood’s History, which houses almost 200 hours of video content and over 80 million prints and artifacts from the Motion Picture Industry.

Do I need to be a professional studio worker for a job in the film industry to be eligible for any of the jobs I listed?

No. You do not need to be a professional studio worker to apply. If you work as an employee or as a contract worker for a business that does work in the motion picture industry, or as a freelance studio worker, then you may be eligible for the positions that follow in this question.

How do I see what job is offered?

You can access the job listings and other information for jobs offered directly from the Library of the Century.

Where can I find the most current job listings for all types of jobs in the motion picture industry?

You can access the job listings for the types of jobs you are interested in or the types of jobs that your company would like to see. You can also search by location and date for new and updated listings.

What is the current state of the library?

The library has a full archive of over 1,000 hours of motion picture film and television footage, music, and books. Over 1,845,000 documents related to the motion picture industry are also located at the Library, including scripts, photographs, sound recordings, archival material, motion pictures, television, and music.

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How many employees do we have?

About 40 employees in addition to the library staff work in the library facility for the films and other media.

Can I work as a freelancer? Is there any work that makes me ineligible to be hired by the library?

Yes, there is a non-disclosure agreement that you must sign to be considered employed by the Library of the Century. To apply for work with the Library, you must be able to meet specific eligibility, qualifications, and work requirements. The Library currently employs a number of professional film and television production staff, including producers, editors, sound recordists, assistant

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