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It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional filmmaker, a freelance filmmaker, an aspiring filmmaker, a commercial filmmaker, a freelance director, a production director or a cinematographer. Regardless of if you’re an indie filmmaker or a commercial film director/editor, you should learn more film theory from a professional film theorist than you ever wanted or needed. No matter what your business, if you want to be a good filmmaker and a good filmmaker-to-be it is imperative that you learn and understand the history of film theory so that you have a better understanding of the way filmmaking works.

In particular, we highly recommend that you read:

– Film Theory for Beginners: A Short Course

– An Introduction to Film Theory by Edward D. Wood

Are you looking for professional resources?

Film Theory – Production & Editing, as well as The Best Practices of Film Theory (A Beginner’s Guide) are just a few of the best resources about the history and theory of film theory, and we are happy to recommend them.

How did we get started in the industry?

The idea to start documenting and learning about film theory came from my dad’s early 20’s film school of the year, which required that every year students complete a thesis in film theory for their final exams. We would do it for days; my mom would take pictures of us from different angles and edit with different lenses. That was all part of the fun and excitement of going to film school; but I think I was mostly interested in writing books about movies in the same way I was interested in writing books about music, the arts, and the natural world – books that helped me understand why the movies I’d made had so many different, important, and fascinating aspects.

The film theorist who was the subject of my first book, I Was a Film Theory Student – and it is still the reason we are what we are – was Roger Ebert. We’d go to movies together. It was a great relationship.

Why should you learn film theory?

As a new filmmaker, you need to learn how to create your film, whether you realize it now or not. You have to create something real and worthwhile out of life and love. You’ll want to know how to write story or make a movie or edit a film so that you can continue to do it. Film theory can help you better recognize what your movie is “about” and how to tell a story in

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