Is filmmaking a good career? – Filmmaking Salary

No. There are many films which are a career-ender and are good, but if it’s a big part at which your career has gone, then that’s where you run away from it.

Do you miss the acting?

Yes, I miss the acting, I miss my friends (acting): I miss the love of the work and the feeling of being loved on the outside by other actors and directors. But I’m still very much a film guy and I think that I’ve had the right opportunities. Film work, even though it’s not that great, does give you a little bit of that thrill of making a film. That’s the sort of thing I take away. The acting is the best part.

What would you say is the most difficult part of being a film producer?

I’d say it has to be keeping your head above water. You have all the other guys, the directors, the writers and actors…everyone. But I’ve had my good fortune to be a film guy. When I first met Ridley, I’m pretty sure he said: “I’ve made a half-a-million and a half dollars. So, why should I go and spend the rest of my life trying to make another million?” And I said: “My God. I’d do anything for a million dollars.” That’s the hardest part of the business! But there are people that, I hear, have that experience. So it’s not just about making the million dollar film. It’s about putting those ideas and those ideas into the world…and not always getting it done, but at least being creative, and then putting it into something that’s not just a box-office success, and being satisfied with your own artistry, and not getting to feel like an artistic failure. In that sense, it’s pretty good. And not that it’s a good place to have to be, because you’d have to be in that kind of position every day for the rest of your life! But it’s what I’d say.

What was the biggest problem for Ridley in the new film Dark of the Moon?

I don’t think it was a big problem, because he’s a brilliant writer. When there’s a story idea that you’re interested in, you can get an idea about it and then bring it to life. But when you have to make money out of it – when you have to produce it in order to do a thing, then that can be

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