Is filmmaking a good career?

Most of the guys I work with do not want to make the lifestyle of filmmaking, because the lifestyle is very different. It’s very expensive and there’s not much in it for them. It’s very demanding. A lot of film school guys want to do that lifestyle and I get on there and I find out that they’re not all into it, and that makes me very sad sometimes (laughs).

I would rather have a guy who isn’t so focused on the lifestyle of filmmaking.

Who are some filmmakers you are surprised to see working again?

José Andrés and Pedro Almodóvar.

There’s a recent production called ‘The Revenant’, which I love, but it’s really very hard to watch – it was a pretty difficult process to go in.

I was not surprised when I saw it at Cannes. It’s not something you imagine yourself doing. It takes a lot to do that kind of film for a major movie.

What is your best advice for the aspiring filmmaker out there looking to get into the filmmaking industry? I understand you have a very busy schedule but when you’re not working to make videos all the time can be frustrating.

You’ve got to be very ambitious in your own life. If you don’t want to work every day, maybe do what you’re doing, but do other things. If you don’t want to be an adult, stay in school, learn something interesting. Find something that’s not boring to read or make and you can be happy about it.

Is it a burden to make videos at your current job?

Every day is a burden. You feel like you live in a perpetual state of stress and you’re not getting anywhere. We work on all aspects. I have to teach myself new things constantly.

A recent report commissioned by the NSW government into the state’s housing market says the price of house construction is currently low and likely to decline.

The report, produced by the state’s Chief Economist Alan Kohler and housing expert Tom Wilson, found “the rate of property ownership is low, and the number of households owning a home is near record highs”.

“As a result, demand is high and supply is low,” it said.

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“It is not entirely surprising, then, that property prices have been largely flat or falling.”

The government commissioned the report and commissioned it to be made public on Wednesday.

The report found the rate