Is Filmmaker the same as director?

Bjørn Vig Knudstorp: I would say yes, since I am the filmmaker/editor of this film.

I think that when one makes a film, the audience has an opportunity to witness a film through the director’s eyes and then they have a chance to participate as the director in the making of the film.

We have this process where we get to see the film, talk to the filmmaker, to hear what happens to this production. After that, we ask the filmmaker for advice and then we decide how the film turns out.

Is it harder than making a movie yourself?

Bjørn Vig Knudstorp: Yes, because you don’t have the director’s voice when it comes to making films. With filmmakers, you really have an opportunity to hear their opinion and they are very important in the process.

Why did you decide to make the project yourself?

Bjørn Vig Knudstorp: There are very few films at the moment that are made with a very strong team. We like what we have done with this film and we want to continue doing films together.

In the end, we want to make something where the audience is able to share in this experience through these three parts where you see what happens in the life of a film director from the first frame to the last frame.

We want to share this experience with you for the whole world.

Where are you currently looking for help?

Bjørn Vig Knudstorp: Funding is a big issue for us and we are working very hard.
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I also really like the concept of crowdfunding and we really want to do it. I still haven’t got a clear idea of the budget, but if it is 50,000 euros, then it’s a pretty good amount. We are really excited to make the film. We just want to see the world and that is what we are after. I want to see a film about people.

This interview was translated from the Norwegian by Kristian Høje

I am a student of the game, but was curious how much my opinion influenced the game. I know the game is a game made for learning, but I have to ask, did you have to play through the game to think, read, or understand it? Was it easy or difficult? In other words, did you spend a lot of your time playing to fully understand it?