Is a producer a filmmaker?

Producers are responsible for the creation and development of the story. They collaborate with directors and other team members on all facets of the final product, from finding the right talent to crafting the scripts. They also create all of the story boards — the visual elements that accompany the story and tell the entire story. Producer’s roles change depending on the project. Some films utilize the concept and a crew on the ground in order to produce and distribute the film. Others choose to bring their own team, and sometimes employ freelancers who are responsible for all aspects of production. In certain cases, a TV series will feature a director and a producer on the same film. And some companies employ a production designer as well.

What are you going to do about actors?

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Actors often play integral roles in a production’s success. Some of this work happens behind the scenes, but they often make a difference in the final product. In order to be able to provide a quality product, it’s important that the director, producers and/or production designers are not only knowledgeable in the creative aspects of their respective industry but have some knowledge about what works and doesn’t work for actors. There are many people who are talented in some areas, but are incapable of producing the kind of finished product needed to achieve high marks.

What is your career path going to look like in the future?

I can’t answer this question because there are as many paths in Hollywood as there are actors in particular, but I can tell you my current dream is to make my first feature film. I plan on having plenty of time to play around with different projects when I’m able.

How can people contribute to your website?

Any kind of contributions are always appreciated. Whether it may be for a brief article or just a short tweet is a great way for people to be acknowledged and to show their support for your work. To become a blogger would take all of 1 month or so, but with your help, you don’t have to have to work like a hard worker.

What is the story you want to tell?

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a historical retelling of a particular event. For me, The Last Days of St. Francis (2008) is something I want to share. A film that I hope will inspire new viewers to explore what life’s really about.

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