Is a film degree useless? – Independent Filmmaking Tips From Directors Chairs

What about film studies? Do we need an advanced degree? You know, in case you don’t get your foot in the door?

This one’s a no-brainer. For all the bullshit academic bullshit you hear about film school, it really is more about film studies than film school. There are so many great things about film study that it’s worth taking a look at, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t know about the following.

Know-Nothing Barriers to School Choice - Pioneer Institute
1) Film studies are about the arts. It’s not a degree or anything.

Film studies doesn’t even have a school. Most are taught by faculty members who study for a number of years and then teach courses in areas like production design or production and visual effects. That should tell you two things:

It’s not a degree from some prestigious college. It’s not for you if you want to do an independent career.

2) Film schools are awesome and they are good for you if you apply to them.

This is important. Film schools are not for you. You can learn about film studies, you can earn credits and you can earn a degree, but you have to apply to one — and you just have to, I promise. There are so many applications for film schools. Just go to any large school to take an online class, to get help developing a research paper, etc. That’s great. You should. You’ll feel better after you apply though. You can never be satisfied after you’ve applied to 20 schools, so you have to just put it out there and work to find one. And you will. It’s awesome.

3) There are so many film makers out there.

There are hundreds. Many more than you think. You can be part of this, you can build on this, you can start to make a name for yourself in one of these film industry communities — like the “Film Education” thread on the Humble Bundle subreddit — where you’ll not only find an amazing network of film makers, but you’ll have friends who are also filmmakers and have also joined our collective filmmaking community as well. It’s awesome. That’s film studies.

I really hope that you took this little bit of info and can use it to find good film schools.

If you’re going to apply to film schools and you haven’t done it yet, I would recommend it. Don’t just apply the same year you apply for anything. I’ll talk more about this at the

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