Is a film degree useless? – Documentary Grants Australia

To say the least, Hollywood makes it tough to get a film career because it has very strict guidelines regarding how to make a good film, and the way to make a good film is to be a smart-arse who knows how to write, direct, and produce a film the right way. If you do not have this ability, then chances are you are not getting hired—in fact, you may only end up having a “nice little writing job” that gets you to the “screenwriting” degree. So if you do not have this, your best, most-likely bet is to go back to school for a few credits of studio-funded classes and get a degree in something totally insane.

What’s your advice to aspiring screenwriters?

It all depends on the individual actor’s abilities and the way they’re approached. To be successful with any kind of writing, you have to be both a smart and an intuitive person. So if there is somebody who wants to direct or a director who wants someone who wants someone who wants to write for him, take both of them seriously. This is because directing’s all about making the story and giving your characters a story arc, whereas writing, you’re only interested in what kind of characters you develop. So for somebody who wants to be an actor and wants to direct, you have to think about what can you really teach another guy like him, and what can you teach him that he’s really not getting elsewhere in life? So to be successful, you need to be able to pick up on other skills that are outside your usual area. So take a class because you think you can be that person as hard as you want to be, but you can’t, and to figure out what you really want to be doing, you need to take a class.


That is all for today’s installment of Screenwriting 101: “A Guide To Writing Movies.”

After a long struggle and a ton of research, this year the Canadian government finally released its long-awaited plan to regulate cannabis.

With its long overdue release, Canadians can breathe a sigh of relief and go on with their lives.

The legislation is a far-reaching one; as well as introducing a new regulatory framework in Canada, it also introduces a framework for growing. What is grower? You guessed it, we have one.

With the new regulation, we are now more able to understand how a company like GW Pharma, or B.C.

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