Is a degree in film worth it?

I’ve never done any other work.

Has any other company offered you a role you’re interested in?

Not from the start. In 2007, I asked the French TV company Canal+ about an interview. They called me by then.

Who are your favourite directors? Why? Where did you work a lot in your life?

I worked with two directors I am absolutely obsessed with: Nicolas Roeg and Robert Bresson. I really like Jacques Tati as well – it is just his work that I loved the most.

Which production company do you see as your role model?

My role model is Jean-Luc Godard.
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What is your favourite film?

I know I said it is not the favourite film from my childhood, but I prefer A Prophet to A Woman.

It has a strange way of being written with a lot of things being left open. What’s with the titles? What do you have in mind?

I like the end titles, because I think cinema is about making up meanings of the words and then seeing what the movie is looking like.

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LONDON: In a report to be published in next week’s Indian edition of The Hindu, Professor S N Aulakh on “The Political Economy of the Indian-Pakistani Conflict” (published by Oxford University Press) has come to the conclusion, based on a comparative study of the post-World War II history of Pakistan-India, that despite high levels of economic development, the two countries and the state of international relations in both is a ‘cold war,’ marked by a constant state of “unrest.”

The report, ‘Why Pakistan Should Not Accept India’s Independence,’ gives the following conclusions based on various analyses of historical data related to Pakistan’s and India’s economic development and their impact on international relations:

It has been alleged that Pakistan’s economic development is more than sufficient to take the country to the position of global economic power without resorting to the use of force. The current level of economic progress and the growth of gross domestic product (GDP) of the state of Pakistan since the time of Independence has enabled it to assume a position of global