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I’m making it sound easy, though, but just because I’m making my life for myself doesn’t necessarily mean I’m making the best films, or even the most interesting ones. I’m aware that as much as I want to, the only way to create, promote, and sell my projects is to spend the cash I earn on making them. So at the age of 35, what’s my strategy?

I’m using the money I make working as a director for myself to pay for the stuff I need to invest to produce my films and still pursue them. With the last three films I’ve made – with a mix of my own money and outside investment – I only need $1,500 for the next project – although I’m looking to have enough leftover to make several more films (and not just one, as I’d like my films to have a variety of styles and stories that aren’t so similar).

You can see the full-length production script for All I Do Is Win by clicking here.

In the past 10 years, the market for a private Internet access provider is growing fast. In the last three years alone, it has grown from $9 billion to more than $11 billion.

But how does a private ISP help you gain access to more than 50% of the world’s wired Internet connectivity? A recent story on CBS News, citing statistics cited in government reports, reports how the average connection speed is around 100 megabits per second (Mbps), or around 5-10 times faster than the Internet at large.
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What is a Bitstream Internet Access (BIA)?

Bitstream service can be defined as one where a subscriber’s Internet connection can be scaled up to meet traffic demands over a range of bandwidth packages available over the Internet.

Bitstream Internet Access is an IP (Internet Protocol) connection, meaning that it’s a packet-switched network. It operates like a dial-up connection except that your Internet connection is limited in terms of number of simultaneous connections and what speed you can deliver. For example, if a 100 Mbps connection can only support 10 simultaneous connections per second, you may be limited to just 10 bit streams for the same total amount of bandwidth. However, an ISP can be capable of many more, or some providers even support much, much further bandwidth.

Bitstream Internet Access is not like regular broadband service, which requires you to purchase a subscription. In fact, the idea of “going online” is different. The difference

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