How much does a film director make in a year?

A well-known British movie producer and director, who has made numerous films in England, Australia and New Zealand, says:

“The average gross for a low budget film in England is £10-15,000, or between £80,000 to £100,000. A movie made in America runs in the same range, although it’s unlikely to cost $20,000 so you might be able to get up to $50,000 in New Zealand. But the more complex British films will take up more than three times as much. In general, it would be worth about $700,000 for a studio made film in England with less than 10 hours of footage. On a US film, the producer would have to pay somewhere between $2 to $3 million for the rights, so it would probably cost more than three times as much to get a movie made in America.”

How much does a movie director make in a year?

This is an answer to another question about films made in England:

“An average director, who is a director, who makes a film in English, runs around 10-15 years. The average gross for a English movie in England is around £25-30,000, and more or less the same in the US. In Australia and New Zealand, you won’t get anywhere near that kind of money for a movie. In both of those countries, you have to hire a lot of actors and a lot of production staff as well. It depends, obviously, on the film as a whole. You may need two or three people dedicated to working on it – it’s a lot of work when you start with a very simple structure.”

How much does a film editor and composer earn in a year?

This is an entirely different question – that asks how much does someone earn in a year with such a large budget? The main difference between English and American directors is that in the UK only the majority of directors make their living by working in film. A majority of the editing is done in a big studio or an independent studio, while in America the vast majority of the work is done in independent film and TV production companies working by contract.

To answer that question in detail, we are going to use the average gross of a movie in English, and compare it with the average gross of a movie in the United States, so far as we are able. An example of English film could be the 2013 film The Witch (the highest