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The most successful indie films that are available digitally, are usually $2 – $3 thousand. A lot of small-budget indie movies are about $2,000 to $5,000.
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Can I finance a movie that was produced by a smaller-budget indie? Absolutely! You can just make a documentary, or make a feature if you’re more experienced about filmmaking. If it’s an indie film with a feature, you should consider putting the money in production. In fact, I would strongly suggest it just to have enough.

Can I finance a movie that was produced by an established director like David Fincher or Steven Soderbergh? No, you can’t. Because that would mean the film has been filmed and edited, and the director knows how to shoot and distribute the film himself.

Does the production cost a LOT? Yes! It costs a fair amount. But it usually takes a lot to pay for an indie filmmaker to go back to school a second time. And a third time. And a fourth time. But that’s how business is.

What’s the best way to finance a movie? There are two easy ways to finance a film – you make it yourself, or find a director to finance it for you! The second one is definitely the better choice.

How much does a studio budget for a movie? A studio budget is about a million dollars to produce a movie.

What’s the difference between a small indie film, and a big indie film? The biggest difference would be in the marketing costs.

What happens if I fund my movie myself and decide to change my mind about it? Well, obviously you would want to make another film, because you don’t want to be one of the 1,000 indie filmmakers that decide to turn down a $5,000 budget and go back to school. But if you choose to fund your movie yourself, you’re likely to run out of money in about two months if you don’t have enough money in the bank.

What’s the biggest issue with making a movie? You’ve got to be really, really, really creative with your budget – you’ve got to pick your best ideas and go for it. I’ve seen so many of those that people just do something completely different. And they run out of money and just cancel the project! That’s how desperate they have to find a new idea.

Why should I support a project made by a new indie filmmaker? It’s totally

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