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“It’s not something you know exactly, but, I think, a good place to start is probably the average independent films that are making what they’re making for free,” says Ritchie. “If you’re just doing a few movies, you probably know someone in the industry. I think when film is free and you’re making the kind of movies that make money, that’s when the actual salaries are a lot lower than you think.”

“To many people, a lot of indie filmmakers look like they’re living a comfortable life,” says Ritchie. “They’ve got a good job, lots of free time, great friends, good relationships. If you look at the people in the industry, if they’re working 15 hours a week, working a full-time job, then they’re living comfortably. Whereas if you don’t have to do that, you’re a lot more vulnerable.”

Even though the films aren’t as big as the movies he worked on in the past, they’ve received some great acclaim. “In terms of a career, I have a lot of fun thinking about how much I’m playing on my feet for people,” says Ritchie. “But then I get to go home at night and the thought of getting off the foot is, ‘Is this the kind of thing I’ve dreamed of? That was it.’ So, it’s really great.”

For now, the movies will remain free for now, but the film festival will keep Ritchie’s name on the list for possible inclusion. Maybe when the next round of films are released, he’ll have less leverage from working within the system of distribution. “If they were to say, ‘Oh, it’s okay,’ I can probably go,” he says, “but I don’t know.”
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The number of patients dying from their injuries sustained in the line of duty has nearly tripled over the past decade, according to an Associated Press analysis of federal data.

The AP said the FBI reports that 6,900 people died from their wounds in 2005, up from 3,800 in 1999. It said a third of those deaths involved combat deaths. Overall the number has increased 50 percent since the late 1980’s.

The AP said military documents and official statistics on fatalities revealed that the problem is not just military but civilian law enforcement and medical personnel also suffer.

For example the FBI now says there are more than 70,000 Americans who were shot by police when they are acting as civilian, including some who are armed

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