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This is a great question to ask your client. The short answer is, you don’t. That’s no surprise to me either; most of my clients get a little intimidated and nervous when their script takes two weeks to make and they finally realize, “Well, I’m not sure I can ever make that time frame happen.” If you’re one of these clients, read my article on how to make your work happen faster.

Instead of writing a script, start a series of simple tasks that are easy for you to commit to and complete each day. That could be making tea in your kitchen or taking a walk on the street – something that is easy for you to do at any given moment.

And you don’t necessarily need to plan a series of small tasks, but whatever is easiest, is most enjoyable for you at that moment. If you need a walk in the park, go for a walk on your own!

Then you start small, just enough to keep you engaged, but that becomes your routine. Keep at it!
One part of filmmaking also requires the use of equipment ...

How do you make it easier?

You can start with a little project that you’ve always wanted to do or have a passion for or do some other activity that you love. Do something fun that you can do every day. You never know, you may not have the time to make a bigger change.

Once you’ve started doing something, keep doing it. No matter how much time is left, you’ll only feel better when you are making progress.

To help you along, I’ve gathered several helpful videos that will help guide you along the way. One of them is called “Start by Doing Something.”

Start using these tools and you not only will feel great once you implement your new ideas, but that will make your work look more professional too!

I hope you have as much fun and success implementing these simple, yet important lessons in your own work as I have.

Thank you for the great advice!

– Jessica

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