How do you become a filmmaker? – Digital 101.5 Musica Internacional

Why do you have this ambition?

A.I.: I never knew my future was going to be this exciting. The fact that I made a few shorts, not too long ago on the side, and I can see from them that the passion that I get from making movies is quite high, I still hope to make movies. I think that’s the part that I’m really proud of. I don’t know if I’ll keep going and keep doing this. I’m quite afraid of this and if I’m going to make a movie, then I’ve got to make a movie that I’m really in love with. That doesn’t mean I won’t take certain risks, I mean, just that I’m willing to risk everything. I also think that once one gets really into it and really works at it, something that you’re not necessarily going to be asked to do, people can look at you just as being more important than a script and an idea and I definitely would rather be loved by some one than not.

I’m very nervous to be working in this industry at all. It’s incredibly intimidating and so many people, especially with the way my life is, are always saying, “You’re going to ruin this. You’re not going to make any money.” I’m not sure about all of that, because for me, the way I view myself and the way I look at the world and the things I love, I’m only a child. I’m not old enough to look back and say, “Ooh, I was the first one. I’m an idol now.” No. So I really just enjoy this life and I’m here because I’m living it. I’m not doing this because anyone needs me. No. It’s because I love the way I look at the world.

Q. You were recently interviewed by Vanity Fair. How did you feel walking into the room with this book?

A.I.: I wasn’t at all worried. You know, a lot of people have a reputation in film and TV as the “they’ll take you any time,” or the “they’re going to make you a star” person, and I don’t really care how many times someone says, “Do you know how expensive this is? This isn’t easy.” It was just something so interesting, and so much about how you relate to others, and why people are the way they are.

Q. Tell us about the next project you’re working on.

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