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The first step is to know what your strengths are. You can learn about those through a series of online courses, like this one from UC Irvine. The second step is to get a job in your field. In the movie industry, it can be an internship. Or a part-time job that keeps your income and the hours you’re working from counting. Or you can take the risk of taking on a full-time job, doing everything yourself. But as long as you know yourself and know what makes you an excellent director, you’ll have a good shot at succeeding with one.

If you don’t have a particular area of expertise in filmmaking or acting; if you’ve never directed before; and/or if your writing and directing skills are rusty, that might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Can I teach myself more?

Sure! There are plenty of online training programs for directors, and the film school scene is an ever-growing one, so there have been plenty of openings going around. Start with the best schools if you haven’t already found a mentor.

The other option is to do the job yourself. At the moment, I’m focusing on directing commercials.

How many features have you directed in total?

Two! It’s hard to keep track of the projects that have been in the news, but I’ve been fortunate to have directed a lot of them… And as the title suggests, that’s the short version. But I’ve also had some pretty successful projects too.

So I’ve directed two feature films. It’s a small number, actually.

I’ve directed five commercials. That may sound like a lot to you, but it really isn’t.
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There are a lot of very successful commercials – which you can read a little more about here – and I’ve directed some of them.

Where do you take tips from your work?

I take a lot of good tips from my work, specifically some things that might save you a lot of troubleshooting that you might encounter during the shoot.

Here I am during the shoot for the opening sequence of ‘Pitch’.

These tips are pretty common and I feel like people would be surprised to hear they’re good. But it’s good to have that perspective if you work from it.

When the first scene of ‘Pitch’ is shot, I find myself thinking, “I wish somebody had pointed out that those two people are on the

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