How do I market myself as a filmmaker?

My first advice is to learn how to market yourself as a filmmaker. Start out with an essay about your work and an article about yourself. Do this for the blog posts first and when you are ready, start your film. This way you are building a foundation with a little help from yourself. If you don’t think you are an expert in your field, start by reading about films you have directed. Then you can write a short film (2-4 minutes long) of your work or an article and post it on your blog using this template. Then do a short interview with a respected member of the film community to show off your film. There are so many opportunities around the web to network. This is only a start.

Next, we have to know our market. In an ideal world we would be in the media industry, but the reality is that is an expensive field. The film market in the United States is dominated by big studios and they are very well funded (especially in California). While the big studios have a lot of money and control, their biggest rival, the independent distributor, not so much. We need a way to compete with these studios. So how can you get into this market? Well, your first step should be to develop a documentary in your field or a commercial for something you are working on. That’s it. In the case of this film, the filmmakers wanted to make a film about the rise and fall of the film industry. They wanted to explain the story behind the industry from the perspective of individuals that came up through it like their father, grandfather, great grandfather, and grandmothers. So they decided to interview people that did business in the film industry. They interviewed some of the most popular actors, directors, editors, producers, and writers in the documentary industry. Then they started the production. We had some great support from the LA Documentary Alliance, FilmLA, and the New York Documentary Foundation.

Our process was to document the entire production from start to finish. So far we have had 4 weeks of documentary interviews plus a post production video that we have completed. They were really nice people to work with and a great experience. We plan to create a series of interviews to follow over the coming months.

I found out, how can I market myself as a film director? Why should I have a website or blog, and how should I use social media to connect with people?

The first thing is to have some experience in producing an award-