How do I get film clients? – Documentary Film Grants Australia

By becoming a member of the Film and Video Association.

My video is coming out of Cannes this week so would that mean they’re ready for a production shoot?

The answer is yes, as a member of the BVCA and you are one of the producers. This allows you to take advantage of a number of exclusive deals that will make the production of your video a breeze.

After six months of negotiation, a settlement has been reached between the City of Montreal and the owners of the vacant, dilapidated Laval Bridge.

On June 6, two hours before a jury deliberated over a month over whether the bridge should be demolished, the jury returned a decision saying that the bridge must go.

“It’s a win-win for all involved. It was a very difficult process for the City of Montreal and owners,” said Daniel Poirier, a spokesperson for the city.

Poirier said that the bridge was built for use by the public in the mid-1980s. He said he had not decided on an exact date or a figure for the demolition, but was hoping by next spring, that those dates would be well reached.

“Once the demolition is done, it’s a very important site. The bridge is the backbone of Laval’s transportation network,” he said.

Poirier said it’s not uncommon for some projects to be pushed back to accommodate demolition, but this one was different. He said the city also wanted to try to find a new developer to help turn the site into a commercial destination and added that the city has never had a project this complex.

The deal also included a plan in which the bridge would be torn down and new construction would go ahead on a new design — a solution the city’s former chief of transportation, Jean-Michel Couillard, said was very attractive.

The bridge, designed by Quebec firm Groupe C.B. Drouin, opened in 1982 as a pedestrian-only path along the St-Laurent bridge.

The Laval Bridge is one of several bridges in the city to be destroyed as part of the plan to tear down the eastern half of the Jacques Cartier Expressway.

Since it was built, the bridge has seen the addition of a number of other roads in a major downtown artery, such as the Montreal St-Denis and the St-Urbain Expressways.

There are more than 4,000 active

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