How do I get a job in movies? – Filmmaking Spelling

It’s a simple question, really. To get a job, all you have to do is be someone who has shown an interest in or a passion for movies or television. If you’re an actor who enjoys what you do, they’re going to want to hire you. You really need to have a good background in acting with more than two years experience in something for that opportunity to be made available.

Do you ever think about other shows or movies?

Sure, definitely. I’ve definitely been told that the pilot episode of Star Trek Voyager was an inspiration for the next season of Breaking Bad. I think that’s a real thing.

When I was still in school or college, I was in college in a theatre class. The teacher said, “Hey, this is going to be a drama class on a small screen. Do you have any idea what that is? Go on YouTube and get yourself an ‘A’ [audience score] and see if you like a show that’s called Scrubs.” I think when I was seven or eight or so, I saw a movie called The Great Movie Detective [based on the show with the same name] and loved it. Since then, I’ve become obsessed with movie plots. I know everyone’s favorite Batman is played very well by Christian Bale and everyone thinks the Joker is quite good too, but every movie that’s written about him has him as stupid and dumb as a box of rocks. Every character is a stupid, dumb animal. Every scene between Batman and the Joker is an action sequence, and I always think, “What if Batman wasn’t played by Christian Bale?” I’ve just always thought that was a perfectly sound idea and it’s always kept coming up, but you can never have too much humor, like in Scrubs. We always say, “You know, Batman could just kick the crap out of a couple of the guys. Would that be cool?” It would be cool! I think about it a lot because it’s always something very different to me and really different than anything I’ve been a part of or experienced before.

How would it feel to be on the show and what would we be learning about Dr. Cox?

Oh, god. I love the job of Dr. Cox, and you feel the need to be a part of how they handle any episode or how things work out. I would love to just be on set and just see things go down and maybe learn something like how things work in reality

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