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For sure. However, when it comes to finding someone you are compatible with, not even Hollywood has it right. Here are a few suggestions:

Do a little research

You need to do some online researching to see what type of role you are interested in. Some of the most common jobs for people with Asperger’s are in computer programming, software development, or medical or educational fields.

Take a look at other people’s applications

Some people with Asperger’s do not find their matches when they apply, which means they may have more chance if they are applying for something they are not specifically looking for. Also, some people with Asperger’s struggle with social situations and other people’s reactions. So before you start applying, take a look at other’s profiles if you do not already and get feedback on your applications.

Look for different job descriptions

Do you work at a large company or are you looking for a more hands-on position? If you work for the computer program development company that I am working for, I have found there are more aspergers people working at the company. This is because aspergers people are more interested in programming. There are also lots of computer programmers (and lots of people with Asperger’s) working at Google.

The more you understand the different areas you may want to work in and how much you like them, the more you will get a chance. I did my first job search online, looking around for a computer programmer. I saw tons of aspergers people, I had to google it, but that is how I found my match.

If you are applying to jobs for a living, be sure you find a resume and cover letter written by someone you think you can relate to. If you are not a good match, maybe that job can be filled by someone who is. Just don’t assume a new application will be just like the old one.

When are people with Asperger’s likely to apply for a job?

If you are having trouble finding a job, check out this article for some clues about which industries have more workers with Asperger’s at the moment.

Is my experience good enough for the company?

Your experience in something you have no experience in or something you are working on right now is almost never going to be good enough to work in a large company. So if it is an industry you do not have a lot of experience, do

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