How do I become a successful filmmaker?

Learn to make movies. You, and not them. A filmmaker is a musician, a choreographer, an actor, a designer, a poet, a scientist, or a designer. It will not do to make a movie and then get angry when other people use it against you. You can be a filmmaker, and make movies, but only you can use it. And you need to make movies because you want that world; the world you want from someone to see, for you. It is the job of the filmmaker to put together the film.

If you’re trying to make a movie as a business, I’m not going to sit around and discuss how to make it. I’m not interested in how much money you make, or how much they made, or how big a film it made or whether it won the Academy Award. I don’t care. It’s your choice whether you work on movies you care about or you just make movies. You can make it as an accountant or as a filmmaker. It is your choice, and you have to earn it.

I’ve heard filmmakers talk about how, even after making a film, they feel like being a movie lover is not enough. I’m not suggesting Hollywood studios will make a ton of money off of every picture they produce. Most of the time, it costs more to make a picture than to pay for it. However, I do want those filmmakers to stop being so concerned with money and instead, focus on making something that’s art, even when that means making fewer pictures so they have more to do.

I am a filmmaker because I am making movies, and that means I have to devote time and energy to them. As a filmmaker or as an actor or a designer, your job is to make something that is worth watching. And that means you have to work even if you don’t always get paid. You will always work when money is involved, even when you don’t get paid, because your job is to make a movie someone wants to see.

Do what you love with your time, and do not care too much what anyone else thinks of the work you spend most of your time on. You are getting paid, so don’t make a movie that you don’t love and spend the rest of your life making. That’s not filmmaking.

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