How do I become a script writer? – Filmmaking Equipment

The best answers to that are: read scripts; apply to writing programs; write a novel; get a graduate degree in scriptwriting (or get an MFA); get involved at a script school/program; write short stories; find out who you are good in and who the next writer is.

Writing a screenplay is a huge adventure. It seems to me that, like cooking or traveling, the whole writing process takes a bit of time to get comfortable with, and many filmmakers (and writers) find that they have a more successful career in this area if they get the basics down before you get started. You should always think about yourself before you do something — if you’re going to pursue a career in television, it may be better to find out about it before you’re even starting to try.

How do I get to script school?

There are many options for attending and getting a graduate degree:

Go to film school, like Film School Repertory or the Film Master.

Go to drama school, like the Dramatic Arts or the Film, Theater, Radio and Television Department.

Go to acting school at Columbia University, like the Acting and Theatre Department.

Go to writing school, like the University Writing Program.

But, if you want to write, you might as well go the route that seems most reasonable to you.

My goal was to find one writing program at a prestigious, national theatre school. I also wanted to go to the school where the most recent recipient of the National Academy Award for Best Dramatic Writing award had gone a year earlier. All of these factors helped me narrow down the list to this school.

When I got to the school, I was thrilled and immediately made my decision to go. (My advice to aspiring writers: never make your decision based on what seems the most appealing at present, but instead try to find a writing school with a strong writing alumni network and a very good literary program). I found that the first day of class provided some of the most inspiring lectures I’ve ever seen (aside, of course, from the class in which I took my BA, which I also recommend).

The first night we met in our classroom was special in that it was a performance of The Princess Bride, and a young English teacher was talking about how this movie would go down as an all-time classic (it still is). And, just to make sure I wasn’t alone in the world, here

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