How do I become a filmmaker without film school? – 3 Stages Of Filmmaking

You might consider getting a career in advertising, a public relations specialist or an investigative reporter. If you do decide not to study or work in film, then you need to make yourself into a writer to write film scripts.

If you can’t become a movie maker without film school

You could even consider entering the film industry by taking a break from your TV career and taking a contract to write screenplays or commercials. The downside is you might leave the movie business before getting your first “Hello, Mr. Jones!” check. However, it will take many years before your first big screen role is due.

You’d also get involved with your local community, community theatre groups, film festivals and even the local film school. It’s a great way to hone your craft and get more exposure and recognition.

Who can help me with my film career?

There are several resources that you’ll have to work with to help you with your movie career. The first resource is filmmaking advice and training, the second is networking, third is education, and fourth is financial support.


In order to become a movie director you first need to get a degree in cinema and an acting certificate, both in order to be able to apply for work as a visual effects (VFX) editor or VFX assistant. You will need to have some work experience as an editor or VFX assistant prior to applying for film industry jobs in the US. You can find out which post-production (DOP) courses you must apply for here.

If you can’t find a course you want to study, then you need to be aware that you don’t need to major in film as an option, but you also won’t get any credits towards any degree courses. However, you can consider taking a short internship or two if you feel you have an interesting story to tell.

You can find out more about what post-production courses you will need to study here.

If you are an actor, you will need experience filming on the road or in your studio while acting in TV series, movies or commercials. You can start work on a freelance basis with a production company if you have some experience and a good personality.

If you want to learn how to be a director in Hollywood, your first step will be to find your city as a film location and start writing to your casting director and manager.

This might be difficult because you might want to go to the airport

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