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They just show up in the audition. There’s no set fee. It’s always been that way with my clients – a “free-range” gig. And we don’t really have a set fee, it’s always an individual offer.

The big difference is when we work on The West Wing as opposed to The Office – which is a series that’s in production, there’s some fee attached at the beginning.

And that’s a lot of money – we get paid to take hours for two hours, sometimes we don’t. But it’s very affordable.

In the case of the show, all we have to do is take our part, and then you just go make the show, and it’s completely up to you to be a cast member.

Is there a role you’ve ever dreamed of playing on a television show?

You bet, I mean I mean it has been around in my head. I don’t pretend to have a list like this. When I’m going to be doing a movie I’m telling my agent.

But when the idea would come to life, I never even considered it. When I did The Office I never looked for a part on a television show, it was just a dream.

And the same for my show, The West Wing – it’s a dream come true, but I never even thought of it.

Would The West Wing ever happen in your lifetime?

I’m so happy with The West Wing. I’m so proud of that show and how it’s done and how it’s grown and developed.
Bristol Daily Courier Archives, Aug 26, 1965, p. 23

I think there are several options there that could happen – and I think they could do it just fine – so the world has to decide.

One possibility that I think would be a wonderful and wonderful thing is if I could be part of the next series, and it’s on NBC. And it had to be on a network show, because NBC, they could just say “We wanted to continue this with the same character, you’re a really funny guy and we hope you’re on a TV show.”

And they probably wouldn’t give me much money, but it would be interesting!

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