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Seth Rogen tells the story of a struggling independent actor who takes a job with a big studio and quickly finds himself the highest-paid actor in town.
But a small independent theater in San Francisco is struggling to keep its doors open after its production company was closed by Sony. (Jeff Chiu/AP)
Actors in Los Angeles got a lot of the attention in the Oscar nominating race that saw two leading contenders (Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal) not even nominated for best picture: Their films did not earn the Oscar nominations they deserved because of how hard they worked.
Actors of every nationality and skill level should be in front of the cameras, but they’re not. Hollywood is just as much a business as it is a platform for social change and art. And as much as we talk about the importance of the Oscars, we cannot forget the role “The Artist” plays in creating a greater acceptance of art.
Actors make “The Artist” more than a “prestige” event: They are not merely performers trying to get rich off of their work. They are creators and creators are paid for their passion and work. “The Artist” is the work of a community of individuals who care about the art they work in and who want to share their work with others.
This is not to say actors are not paid well, only that the actors in “The Artist” deserved a higher payment. Their work deserves that same respect and recognition and the studio executives were wrong to try to use the Oscars to keep the company afloat.
I wrote this as I watched the awards in a San Francisco theater that was in the process of being closed. The artistic and economic value of “The Artist” would have surely been more important to me if I lived in Los Angeles. I feel bad for those who have watched film festivals and saw their movies not get the recognition they deserved.
But let’s face it: The Oscars are just a business. And when the company that owns the Oscars wants to help the company survive, it should honor the actors who work in its theater.
PS: For more on “The Artist,” go here, here and here.
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