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I was trying to learn video editing online and this is what came up. Read on ­čÖé

You know the idea you need to make a short film with your friends that you want to do with them? Well you can actually do it. However, this method of trying to make a movie by making a video and editing it, is really hard. There is a good reason that many companies stop this way. Even if you can make it, your quality and speed is questionable. The whole point is to try to find the best solution for filmmaking online.

The reason for this problem is that most platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Dropbox will not allow you to download your hard-drives and videos you made, and you may find it hard to share your finished film in order to get the audience to watch. They just don’t have it, they don’t want to see it, and will try to remove your video. Here’s everything you need to know to learn how to make a film online.

Why is it difficult to make a short video online?

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It’s a lot of work. There is no doubt about this. The idea is to make a short film, get the idea out there, edit it and then upload it. While this method will allow you to learn about editing a film, it’s really hard to have an audience as your audience is not so great. That’s why most people won’t try out this strategy, but if you make a good film, you could use it to create an online movie studio.

Most platforms will not let you directly embed videos and this is very confusing for the consumer. But a good way to learn about how to make a short film is to see what they do, the platforms that allow for embedding videos. The most prominent platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, Vimeo, and others.

First things first, you will have to make a website (I don’t recommend you to be making a website) as that will also be confusing for you and will take awhile. Make your own blog post, or if you are new to blogging, try using Upworthy. This should be your first step. Next you will need to choose a video editing software, there are many free and free trial software available so I will recommend you to check out the websites below and find out what you need.

If you want to know where to start, check out my post on the best free and free trial video editing software.

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