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The film industry has been slow to adopt digital technology as it has been a major cost driver of growth, but it has opened up many opportunities for people in the art and entertainment sectors. The biggest gain in production dollars came from digital projection. The projection technology has brought cost to about $30 – $60 per projection. The advent of the DSLR has brought much lower cost for the consumer and more film production, which is a key benefit.

How about movies made on the Internet?

There are a couple of ways to finance an online movie. There are many types of online films, some of which are very profitable even though they cost almost twice as much as their counterparts made in Hollywood. The big profit of online film is the use of crowdfunding, or crowdsourcing websites. But most online films do not earn much profit. The major players (Shudder, Redbox, etc) do not make any profit, but there are many different sources of capital.

How about “making it locally with a local camera” or “getting it done digitally”?

While many filmmakers prefer to shoot on film, it is hard to ignore technological advancement that has made film much easier to produce in the last 10 years. The fact that film is a digital medium also means you can shoot on your Smart phone or iPad if you need to shoot on location. And of course with the plethora of digital cameras, it is easy to get more creative than ever with your editing.

There are many films made on the Internet that aren’t even profitable. When the films are shot on the small sets and do not make much money, it is the creative people who make the money. The only way to make a living doing what you love is to be creative.

What does a film budget mean?

A typical budget for a low budget, short film is around $300,000 to $500,000 for a movie that costs under $15,000.

Is it still a good idea to finance a short Film?

Of course, you should think about financing a short Film but it has its own challenges for a producer. With so many independent films being made online it is very rare to make more than $10,000 in profit – even $12,000 could be a very successful production, so you need to have some patience and have some patience to make the right choice for your story.

How much do I have to raise?

A typical short Film budget is around

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