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What is a math teacher?

When I tell you: “You’re a math teacher,” don’t take my word for it. Just take my word for it because I am so serious. Math teaches creativity and hard work, it is an essential skill in any creative endeavor. The more math you study for the sake of studying math, the more likely you are to become a great filmmaker!

Have you ever studied math as a filmmaker and never thought you’d have a career?


How can a person learn math to be a math teacher?

Math is what people learn. Math helps us to make things happen. Math teaches us how to think creatively. Math is fun; it’s also serious.

Have you ever gone back and studied math on a full time basis?

Yes, but I wouldn’t take that as a profession. I’m a single mom with a 3-year-old daughter. I didn’t want to give up what I loved doing. I was going to make films regardless, though.

In your book, you say, “Achievement requires math.” Can you elaborate on that point?

Yes, it really does.

What is a filmmaker’s goal in life?

To make something good; make people laugh with words; create something unique. That’s what I think a great filmmaker wants to accomplish.

Why are there so many great filmmakers who don’t have a math degree?

When I started out, there were many talented filmmakers who didn’t have a math degree, but they were the best of the best. That’s because they were so motivated and hard working. The fact that we don’t know anything about the world around us isn’t an excuse, it could be because we don’t know how to understand it yet. The world is more fascinating than math and you need to understand that before you can pursue your own dreams.

What should every filmmaker do?

Start with a math problem. If your math problem is too difficult, think about how you can improve it. If you know you aren’t prepared to do the math, do the math anyway. That’s always a good idea.

If your math problem is too easy, then the only way you’ll be able to solve it is with the help of a computer. That means no excuses. Don’t let a math lesson make you feel bad because you don’t know as much as you

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