Do you need a college degree to be a filmmaker? – Diy Filmmaking Tips From Directors Cut

People go into film as a creative career, and then people go to film school just to become filmmakers.

You were a college football player, and that’s actually something that really impressed your parents.

Yeah, I mean, I was a big-time football player, and that’s probably the most professional thing that I ever put on.

Why do you think they liked football so much?

Yeah, I think it’s very competitive. I mean, football gives you the opportunity to play for your school team, and for a lot of kids, it’s a goal to play for their school team. I mean, I mean, I think a kid has aspirations to play for their school, to play in their state championship, and sometimes, it’s just good business.

Can you talk about your time with Notre Dame?

Yeah. The funny thing is, I did not play much football, I didn’t do much to prepare for the game — I was only in high school for a week. I was like four or five years out that I had played, and I just got on the field just like anyone else. It was kind of like getting up a little faster than you normally do.

You’re 6-foot-3, 250 pounds, but then when your senior season started, you had to carry that weight around all the time.

We didn’t have a trainer, we didn’t have a personal trainer. It was just, I had to carry that weight around all the time to catch everything.

Is it hard for you to carry that weight all the time?

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Oh yeah. It just isn’t something you really pay attention to. When I put weight on, I know that I probably have to go up 20 pounds the next day because there just isn’t enough room. But once I get enough room in and get more comfortable, you kind of learn to put muscle on those muscles, and I’m used to doing that and I enjoy it. I think being a football player is just a great career to do that kind of thing. It’s not something you really, really pay attention to.

People have really taken to your movie, which really appeals to people who don’t like football, but it’s also appealing to people who actually like football. Do you think it’s because it is a comedy?

Yeah, yeah. It’s very funny, and I think that probably people have an image of football as “Oh

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