Do video editors make good money?


How much are those working the big-budget production in Japan doing, anyway?

I haven’t met many of them except for a former editor working for a local station. The average salary when I say salary, is 10,000 yen per episode—so it would be more like 60,000 or 70,000 yen. For the bigger, commercial work, it is lower. They all usually work for a month or two on the production side; maybe it’s a week or two in the editing office.

Does that include the expenses of being an editor?

The editor fees are more expensive because our jobs come with perks such as travel and other expenses beyond our normal monthly salary, such as meals, travel expenses, and other benefits. Some places pay only one-fifth of what they pay in Japan. It is a big difference.

Any other perks, either for editing or for working outside the company?

They get a personal room in the edit building, so they don’t have to do anything in the editing office. They can go where the editors work and do their work, but they don’t have to come inside the editors’ room or be on the production side in the editing room. I get to see the production staff and the people they supervise, but it’s not like I’m at an editor’s desk with a camera—they are out by the main room. That room is like a studio, with a lot of work in it.

I heard that you can get a great pay raise, though. How often do they increase it?

They usually pay more every year and increase it slightly for each successive year. It depends on what they have to work on. In previous years they increased it more for their first year work. This year they did that for every year; we are looking forward to next year and the next.

I heard that you’re still editing episodes on V-Jump and you’re working at the company in some capacity.

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Yes, I’m editing episodes in a capacity—an editor, in fact. But I am not an editor, but it is a hobby. That’s all.

What about what’s next?

I have plans from the beginning of this season to complete two projects that have been in the works for about eight years. To begin with, I will work more in color. If the series doesn’t work out or I can’t come up with a show that